Ideawood Idealux LT

Ideawood Idealux LT

Ideawood Idealux LT
Ideawood Idealux LT
Ideawood Idealux LT
Ideawood Idealux LT

Solid wood strip panel for false ceilings and wall cladding

  • Presentation finish: Pine. Varnished (fireproof) natural.
  • Support materials: Solid wood. Others, please consult.
  • Means of connection: Rear rail.
  • Absorbent material (optional): Heat-strengthened acoustic fleece or absorbent fibre.
  • Acoustic absorption capacity (if applicable): Moderate (veil) High (fibre).
  • Standard formats/measures: 4 for false ceilings and wall coverings Others, please consult.
  • Optional bending: Available on request.
  • Optional treatments: Fireproofing for wood by autoclave. Water-repellent on request.
  • Standard installation system: Hidden.
  • Washable
  • Recyclable

STANDARD FINISHING (Others, please consult)

Ideawood Idealux LT



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