Ideacustic Pro 11R

Ideacustic Pro 11R

The Acoustic Panel PRO 11 R, is an absorbent and decorative product that helps to improve the acoustic quality in all types of interior spaces and has a very simple installation system. This is an MDF panel for sound absorption, available in lacquered colors on demand. The PRO 11 R is a new and elegant product ideal for false ceilings and wall coverings with maximum absorption capacity, making the perception of sounds a pleasant experience.

Its rounded shape allows the sound to be distributed more effectively and efficiently, improving the features of the IDEACUSTIC family.

Like the rest “IDEACUSTIC” family the PRO 11 R has the possibility of being treated to have a fire retardant and waterproof behavior.

Ideacustic Pro 11r
Ideacustic Pro 11r
Ideacustic Pro 11r

Grooved acoustic panel of wooden slats for false ceilings and wall cladding Pro 11R

  • Presentation finish: 15 types of textures Lacquer color chart
  • Support materials: 4 standard types. Others consult
  • Face drilling: Longitudinal ribbing.
  • Back Drilling: Drills.
  • Absorbent material: Heat-strengthened acoustic fleece.
  • Sound absorption capacity: Maximum.
  • Standard formats/measures: 1. For false ceilings and wall coverings. For false ceilings and wall coverings.
  • Optional curved: FLEX system.
  • Optional treatments: Fireproof and water-repellent.
  • Standard installation systems: Tongue and groove or double female. Other systems, please consult.
  • Washable
  • Recyclable


Ideacustic Pro 11r

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